What are Governors?

Welcome to the Churcham Primary School website from the Governing Body. 
The Governing Body works hard to support the Headteacher, teaching staff and pupils with the aim of ensuring that Churcham Primary School is able to provide the best possible education for our children and to prepare them for life in modern Britain. 
The members that make up the Governing Body are chosen by the local authority, the community and parents.  All our Governors have their own careers and responsibilities but they dedicate time to the school when they are able.  Some are able to be in school on a regular basis, whilst others bring financial and legal expertise, strategic planning and more practical skills.  All are hugely valued!
As well as sharing a common desire to be involved in supporting the school, the Governing Body have statutory duties by which they are legally bound.  The Governing Body is ultimately responsible for all matters relating to the school including teaching and learning, safeguarding, health and safety, staffing, premises and ensuring financial accountability and sustainability. The full Governing Body meets once every term. Three committees meet regularly to consider more specific issues of staffing, curriculum and finance. Our committees are as follows:
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Finance and Staffing
  • Partnership Management
We are very proud of our developing relationship with Ashleworth C of E Primary School, through our Executive Headteacher and regular Partnership meetings, and look forward to expanding this further. 
If you have any concerns or issues that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of Governors, Robert Haines, or indeed any of the governors.

How do Governors help children?

School governors are people who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. Together with the head teacher they set the future direction of the school and decide how the school’s budget should be spent. Governing bodies make decisions collectively on matters such as school policies and the school’s development plan and act as a "critical friend" to the school.
Heather Bell – Co-opted Governor
I was appointed as a Community governor in 2014 and am now a Co-opted one.I have been Chair of the Finance committee for over a year and am Joint Chair of the Partnership Committee with Ashleworth.   I live near Churcham school so can visit easily.  I am a retired systems analyst of insurance software. I babysit for my three granddaughters who are at another primary school in Glos. I play golf and sit on two ladies’ committees. 
Emma Middlecote – Parent Governor
I was elected parent governor of Churcham Primary school in January 2017. I currently have two children who attend and have two children will be attending in the near future. I am currently governor for SEN and looked after children. In my spare time I enjoy going away in my caravan with the family. 
Samantha Morgan - Parent Governor
I have been a parent Governor at Churcham Primary School since October 2016. I have three children currently at the school & one in secondary school. I am an accountant by profession & run two businesses. In my free time I like to spend time with my family & support their many sporting activities.


Churcham Primary School Governing Body Membership 2016-2017

Type of Governor
Term of office
FGB and Committee Meeting Attendance in 2016/17
FGB and Committee Meeting Attendance in 2017/18
Relevant Business/ Pecuniary Interests
Mr. Robert Haines
Co-opted - appointed by governing body
Chair of Governors,
Health & Safety,
Behaviour, Whistleblowing
Finance & Staffing
23.06.2015 – 22.06.2019
FGB: 3/4
C: 0/4
FGB: 2/2
C: 0/1
Cousin of owner of Artype Printing
Mr. John Cutter
Parent – elected by parents
Safeguarding Governor
Teaching & Learning (Chair)
17.10.2016 – 16.10.2020
FGB: 4/4
C: 6/6
FGB: 2/2
C: 2/2
Mrs. Heather Bell
Co-opted – appointed by governing body
Finance & Staffing (Chair),
Partnership (Chair)
23.06.2015 – 22.06.2019
FGB: 4/4
C: 7/7
FGB: 2/2
C: 2/2
Mr. Nigel Steele
Local Authority – appointed by governing body
Maths Governor
Teaching & Learning
21.04.2016 – 20.04.2020
FGB: 3/4
C: 2/3
FGB: 2/2
C: 1/1
Governor at King of King’s School, Manchester
Mrs. Michelle Kelly
Teacher – virtue of office
September 2010 -  ongoing
FGB: 3/4
C: 10/10
FGB: 2/2
Executive Headteacher at Ashleworth C of E Primary School
Mrs. Samantha Morgan
Parent – elected by parents
Science Governor
Finance & Staffing
14.10.2016 – 13.10.2020
FGB: 4/4
C: 3/3
FGB: 2/2
C: 1/1
Mrs. Emma Middlecote
Parent – elected by parents
Vice chair of Governors, English Governor,
SEN Governor,
EFYS Governor
Finance & Staffing,
Teaching & Learning
21.01.2017 – 20.01.2021
FGB: 3/3
C: 1/2
FGB: 2/2
C: 2//2


Governors who left in the previous 12 months:

Mrs. Claire Gobourn
Staff – elected by staff
Teaching & Learning
06.07.2015- 05.07.2019
Class 2 teacher
Mrs. Diane Docherty
Co-opted – appointed by governing body
Science Governor
Teaching & Learning
8.11.2016 – 7.11.2020
Contract and supply teacher in Classes 1 & 2 and Acorns
Mrs. Sandra Walker
Co-opted – appointed by governing body
Vice Chair of Governors,
English Governor
Teaching & Learning
23.06.2015 – 22.06.2019
(original term commenced 2013)

f you are interested or would like to find out more about becoming a Governor, please contact the school for more information.  It is importand that new Governors have all the information that they need to execute the role properly and so Governors receive a welcome pack and access to training courses to help with this. 
Download the Goveners Visit document below.
pdfGovernor Visits
pdfGovernors Behaviour Statement  

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