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Learning, respecting
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Latest News

Class 2 had a Stone-Age workshop recently, which was incredibly hands-on and engaging. A Stone-Age homo-sapien came in to wow the children with their animalistic behaviour and strange language! They showed the children some of their weapons and tools and try to communicate with them without using a common language!

On Monday 6th November, Class 2 participated in a STEM workshop. This involved working together to build a Lego robot and program the robot to meet different criteria and complete challenges. The children all enjoyed the day and learnt all about coding and algorithms.  

On Thursday 9th November, Class 1 enjoyed a Design and Technology day. This involved them designing and constructing a windmill and afterwards they evaluated their windmill. They all enjoyed the day and were proud of their finished windmills!

Churcham Primary School have been visited by 'Oakey bear'.  Oakey Bear is a company that attends primary schools to create willowdomes with the children.