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The Y6 leavers have written about their time at Churcham

yr6 bible 01Vicar Lara from Churcham Church came to visit and handed the leavers a Youth Bible.

yr6 bible 02Vicar Lara from Churcham Church came to visit and handed the leavers a Youth Bible.

"Hi I am one of the 2022-2023 leavers. I would like to thank school for not only supplying me with education, but also a big confidence boost. Although I have been through my ups and downs this year, this school has always held out a loving heart and kept me going. Thank you Churcham - I will miss you". 

"Hello, I am one of the 2023 leavers from Churcham. My name is Mason and I have been here for 3 years. I started in year 3 and I came from a school where I had a negative experience - it was hard. Although, my teachers at Churcham...Miss Deackes and Miss Tippins and Miss Moverley helped me so much so that's why I think Churcham is the best school - the school is very welcoming to everyone."

"Hello, this is one of the 2023 leavers of Churcham Primary School. At Churcham, all the teachers are really kind. They help us learn when we are confused. We learn really good life skills and build lots of great memories. Thank you for reading, goodbye Churcham"

"Hi, we are the Churcham Primary School leavers. We would like to say our thanks to our school - it has been our best years at Churcham. We have made so many new friends, lots of memories and the school is just, the best. If you would like to send your child here, they will have a great time here - if you send them next year, I won't be here but you'll make lots of new friends. I'll be going to secodnary school and will miss Churcham. Thankyou."