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Maths at Churcham Primary School

Maths at Churcham Primary School & Ashleworth CofE Primary School

Here at Churcham Primary School& Ashleworth CE Primary School, we ensure that children are engaged with their Maths by providing fun, practical and engaging lessons. Our whole-school scheme which we use here, is White Rose Hub. On this page, you will find the overviews for White Rose Hub and all resources that you will need to support your child with their Mathematical skills. Following White Rose Hub, we use a ‘do it, twist it and solve it’ approach; this means that the Maths work would start with arithmetic based work, to then get progressively more chalenging. This approach allows the child to be slowly scaffolded to experience the challenge of the ‘solve it’ problems.

As well as our Maths lessons, Churcham and Ashleworth continues to incorporate Maths into other subjects and also holds fantastic Maths days, annually. The children love to all work together during these days and we feel these Maths Days encourage children to enjoy this subject and become more engaged. 

Both schools offer a wide selection of resources for the children to use to support their learning. We offer lots of practical, concrete resources such as dienes, Numicon, number cards etc. as well as schemes/online resources such as Purple Mash which the children use to play and learn through ‘Maths games’. The children seem to find these resources that we offer very useful during lessons. The children are also able to be offered a range of Maths dictionaries to support their Mathematical vocabulary.

Please see below a list of websites that we encourage children to use:

www.Purplemash.co.uk – Purple Mash is an excellent website which offers a range of activities for the children to complete, including quizzes, tests and games. Monster multiplication is a great game on Purple Mash where the children can practice their times tables. Your child will be familiar with this website and can practice what they are learning in school, using the quizzes and games to help.

http://resources.collins.co.uk/Wesbite%20images/TTSimulator/#/ - This is an ‘online times tables test’, this will improve your child’s recall of their times tables.  

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Search.aspx?Subject=16 – Top Marks is an excellent website which covers all topics in Maths. It includes a lot of games for the children to play, so they do enjoy learning through play! My favourite game on here is ‘Tommy’s Trek’.  

https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/category/22/most-popular - Maths frame is a great website offering Maths games to support your child’s understanding of the four operations (multiplication, division, subtraction and addition).  

https://nrich.maths.org/10334 - NRICH is a fantastic resource which offers problem solving games and challenges. 

https://www.sats-papers.co.uk/ks2-sats-papers/ - For Y6 parents: Please see practice SATS papers online.  

Take a look at our resources and attachments on this Maths page to support your child's/children's learning and feel free to explore other subjects! 

Any questions about Maths, and more information on White Rose Hub, please visit: https://whiterosemaths.com/ or get in contact with either school to speak to the Maths subject lead across the two schools - Esther Deackes.

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Churcham Primary School & Ashleworth CE Primary School


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